Peer Mentors

   Fall 2010 PMC Hours

      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
      1pm-5pm 10am-6:30pm 10am-12:30pm

    Peer Mentor Services Offered to CD Students:
     ● Information on how to obtain undergraduate advisement
     ● Registration and other graduation related activities through Titan Online
     ● Providing students with helpful study tips and assist with study skills
     ● Provide tutoring for individual courses
     ● provide assistance with computer program/skills
     ● Provide information on NSSHLA events, activites, and local as well as national         membership
     ● provide students with information about ASHA and it's website, journals, and other         resources
     ● Provide information on upcoming ASHA and CSHA conferences
     ● Provide students with information on possible outside speech assistant/aide          /volunteer and related work activites
     ● Help direct students to the appropriate websites for the EWP, CBEST, and GRE
     ● Provide tips for applying for grad school with access to:
          ▪ Sample letters of intent from previous PMC grad student applicants
          ▪ Online sources about grad school applications

*Only students who have had their initial undergraduate advisement can use the PMC.*

CSUF Communicative Disorders Peer Mentor Center
College Park, College of Communications Advisement Center, Room 425
Department of Human Communication Studies

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Student's Experience

As the coordinator for the Peer Mentor Center, I hope to effectively provide any assistance to Communicative Disorders students. With the help of faculty advisors and mentors, the peer center is designed to inform students of the available resources about this major. The volunteer mentors are knowledgeable and enthusiastic to answer any questions regarding Communicative Disorder. As a coordinator, my goal is to keep the peer center organize and up to date about current Speech and Language Pathology related matters. I will continue to present more valuable information and I am honored to promote this center as the essence of Communicative Disorder major.

— Kathy Tran , Peer Mentor Coordinator