IABC Executive Board

President - Rachard Martinez

Vice President - Polly Nader

Director of Communications - Rhiannon Conrado

Director of Social Media - Brittney Holbrook

Secretary - Hector Aldaco

Event Manager - Ryan Chacon

Event Coordinator - Ysel Martell

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Student's Experience

"My experience with the International Association
of Business Communicators of California State
University, Fullerton has provided me with confidence
and knowledge in my area of study. It has empowered
me to interact with peers, professors, and
communication professionals. As a previous board
member, and now as president, each IABC of
CSUF experience is filled with a dynamic opportunity
to enrich my educational career, as well as, my future
in communications as a public relations practitioner."

— Steven Muniz , President of IABC of CSUF