Apply for the VJ Lovero Scholarship is March 25, 2009. This $1,000 scholarship open to new and returning Photo Communications majors.
To enter you must fill out the Scholarship Application,found at:
You must also submit a portfolio of ten images on CD that includes sports and portrait photography and demonstrates your passion for a specific subject. The complete application should be turned in to Assistant Dean Bockman in CP 450. The winner is announced at the Communications Department Awards banquet at the end of the semester.

Grants for Undergrads & Grads in Print and Television Photojournalism

NPPF Scholarship Coordinator
William Sanders
Asheville Citizen-Times
P.O. Box 2090
Asheville, NC 28801
800/800-4204 x5842

The National Press Photographers Foundation was founded in 1976 to improve and facilitate the administration of press photography, to promote the study of press photography and research therein and to continue the education of press photographers by publishing and distributing addresses, reports and other literary works on press photography subjects. Now the NPPF, a non-profit foundation with 501(c)(3) tax exemption under the IRS Code, is charged with advancing press photography in all its branches and awarding scholarships and fellowships to deserving individuals who have demonstrated ability or promise in the field of photojournalism.

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*CSUF chapter is inactive at this time.

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“The CSUF chapter is currently inactive - make sure
to review site for local & national opportunities.”